The mandatory "About me" blurb (every website just has to have one)

 Hello. I'm Jen, An historian, writer, author, now newly retired.  My retirement present to myself is a campervan and a plan  to travel the length, breadth and circumference of my own country. I will write about it but not as a guide nor as a history tour but as a personal narrative of discovery and reflection.

This is supposed to be fun. Pictures, narratives, passion and a sense of the theatrically ridiculous.So, on with the show: 🙂

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Well, what happened to 2017?

It disappeared !🤔

Family issues, mostly concerning my Son returning home from the USA for a year, meant I was virtually grounded. 

Albert did sterling service, as always, but very little exploration and no real adventures.  However, some major changes, and challenges for 2018 so watch this space!


Another major, and somewhat sad, change.

Welcome, ALFIE

End of 2017 Albert and I parted company 😭

Albert had been my most loyal friend for four years.  Like the Prince consort that he was named after he proved to be reliable, loyal, trustworthy and tremendously capable.  

However a newer model became available,  an offer to buy Albert for what I nearly paid for him and to send him to a home where he will be just as loved and put to much the same use proved irresistible. 

So, a new campervan, Son of Albert, another VW California 4WD, and who better to name him after than the brave, fearless, hugely intelligent naval officer and explorer that was Albert's second son.  Welcome ALFIE


So ....

on with the show Alfie!

Sections so far, with lots more to offer including my catch-up "French adventures".


Albert with his winter wheels and Jen with her winter hat


The galloping Granny: 2017 was not entirely a washout.  One dream, the culmination of a lot of hard work, was finally realised.

The Coast     A circumnavigation of the entire coastline of  mainland Great Britain, composed of a number of sections. A work in progress with sections being added as time permits:

The South West Coast Path:   21 years on from attempting to do it in it's entirety in one trip, now more sedately, bit by bit, with Albert.  One of the top 10 trails in the world, utterly spectacular

RSPB: A picture gallery and narrative of all the RSPB  reserves I visit, either en-route as part of another objective or as an objective in themselves.

Max's blog Max is one of my occasional companions and felt that he deserved a blog in his own right. Who am I to argue 🤨

Get in touch  ..... but only if you are going to say something nice 😮